Printed Plastic Wallets

Plastic document wallets can be manufactured using opaque, frosty or clear material to hold any number of documents and files.

Wallets can be made to hold A5 or A4 paper or customised to suit your paper requirements

Vycon_Low_Res_58.jpgDocument wallet.jpg

Full colour digital print or single spot colour can be produced in-house at our factory

sp wallets.jpg


Wallets can be made with extra pockets in opaque or clear with added storage for paper with a press fastener and pillar attachment, velcro dots can be added to hold covers together.




mot hldrs.jpg

Clear card holders can be made to hold MOT's / insurance certificate or any vehicle documents you have, they can have a self adhesive back to display on windows and can be open on a side you prefer.






plastic permits.jpg

Clear permit holders can be manufactured for a number of uses from displaying health and safety requirements, insurance documents of machine safety reports