Presentation ring binders




Presentation binders can be produced with full clear pockets for the custom identity of different course or training records.  

When there is a change of title required cards can be encapsulated with your full company details to personalise your company image and sealed in using clear or the pockets can be left open to remove or change the cards

These pictures show how easy it is to insert and change cards as required.

Extra ticket pockets can be added for clients to insert personal business cards.



presentation binders.jpg


Ring binders are used to store loose paper and make the information contained within easy to use with the advantage to add additional paper.

Rings can be 'D' shaped attached to the back cover or 'O' shaped attached inside the spine all can be supplied in 2, 3 or 4 numbers





On this image a card has full printed with a full colour image and then fitted under the ring to show through the frosty polypropylene, a spot colour and tint in one colour has then been printed to the outside of the polypropylene cover to give a 3D effect.

The polypropylene can be printed with your company logo then each card can have an individulal printed full colour images with different programme titles.