Polypropylene products

Polypropylene is a robust rigid material which makes this an ideal material where a durable storage solution is required. 


pp holders.jpg


Whether it be a ring binder, box or special product polypropylene can be made to any shape or design to add to your company presence, the photo on the left shows a phone holder which can be used as a presentaion giveaway to your clients.












Environmentally friendly credentials and good durability are the main reasons for polypropylene's popularity.  Polypropylene is available in a wide range of gauges starting as low as 350 micon to a thicker durable 1150 micron with a wide range of colours.









Material comes in a number of thicknesses with a wide scope of colours, a translucent swatch is also available, this can be used to create stylish and modern effects.

The material is platen press cut, creased and folded with a clever cut and slot design to hold the 3D effect. A vast variety of printing effects can be used including silk screen, digital and full colour litho image.