Plastic / PVC ring binders



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Plastic or PVC ring binders are available in a wide range of colours whether you are deciding on the traditional Plastic /  PVC over board design - to the rigid polypropylene material, both can be supplied in opaque and transparent options. 


We will have a colour to suit your company image, which can then be custom printed directly onto the material or cards can be printed with your project / title with logo and sealed or fitted into the binder



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Slipcases can be produced to hold a set of binders if there is a requirement to display a series of  product information.



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Divider sets can be printed to split contents into headed sections, they can be punched with 2 holes or 4 holes to suit the ring binder, then they can be produced in a variety of tab numbers.




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We can supply your binder with various pockets whether it be ½ page horizontal or vertical in clear or opaque material which can be inside or outside the cover.

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