Custom ring binders


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Binders can be custom manufactured to any size to suit you content dimensions, some items do not fall into a standard category and Vycon specialises in manufacturing to your specification.

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The binders on the left have the same print but manufactuered to the size of paper required to give a custom size to suit paper requirements.




Ring binders can be manufactuered to your design in a number of way - try printed images or simply changing from a portrait to landscape position, a custom ring binder can enhance your company branding.


Polypropylene is a versatile material and by using different cutting tools products can be manufactured to allow unusual shapes to be created.



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Depending on you paper / inserts we can make almost any size or shape of ring binder from the standard A5 and A4 to a more unusual oversized binder or different shape.

Custom ring binders can be manufactured in either polypropylene of PVC over board.




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