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Vycon Products Ltd has been manufacturing in the UK custom printed ring binders, boxes, document wallets and folders from our factory for over 30 years, all products are custom made in polypropylene and PVC.  We can advise on a packaging solution to suit you budget requriements while keeping the quality and individuality you or your clients require.


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Within a flexible manufacturing programme our aim is to provide the versatility and problem solving ability which does not exist elsewhere plus a friendly personal service based on quality.




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Whatever you requirements our production provides the answer to every packaging problem through branding products by size, colour, capacity and material type to meet individual needs.


The binders on the right have the cards encapsulated to the outside of the covers to allow for a full specification of the product information the binder stores.


Also Visit www.polypropylene-boxes.co.uk or www.plasticwallets.biz or  www.printedringbinders.co.uk