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Vycon Products Ltd manufactures in the UK custom printed storage stationery solutions in  PVC / Plastic and polypropylene for any type of packaging or presentation requirement, whether it be a loose leaf ring binder or a 3D box. Some items do not fall into a standard category because they have to be of a special design to do their job. Our long experience, backed by a design and manufacturing inventiveness, will help you solve any problems you have.

Vycon specialise in manufacturing to your specification, custom printing and branding your products. Our production factory is based in the UK and is geared to providing the answer to every loose-leaf storage problem through a comprehensive range of products and our range includes packaging solutions from training binders to multimedia DVD sleeves and slipcases.

Ring Binders - Plain or Printed

Ring binders

Custom printed ring binders provide an excellent storage facility in either PVC or polypropylene and can be customised with varied design effects for a personalised finish.

Bespoke folders

Ring binders

Vycon produce an array of durable custom polypropylene folders - rigid but flexible  in a wide range of vibrant colours for perfect presentation.

Polypropylene Boxes

Ring binders

Bespoke printed polyprop or polypropylene boxes are the perfect answer when a complete enclosure of a product is needed, they can be manufacturered and printed in any size or style to suit your purpose, see other polypropylene box website

Wallets and Permit Holders

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Our plastic document wallet range includes a wide variety of products to cover numerous applications, from promotional materials and permit holders to credit card wallets -plastic wallets website.   


Ring binders

Vycon manufacture high impact multimedia packaging and storage solutions for DVDs, CDs and more.



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